A Cloud POS Will Improve your Inventory Management

At any busy retail establishment, it’s inevitable that there are going to be days when customers don’t get through lines as quickly as they would like. Posterita offers a solution to this by providing sales staff with vital information at the touch of a finger. The Posterita POS terminal has a cash sales screen that makes it easy for employees to look up information for customers, to perform complex sales related operations and much more.

Information is King

Posterita uses a detailed item card for all of the items in its database. This item card gives more than the price. It provides information on inventory, location, and a picture of the item. This allows people to get information for customers quickly if customers request it.

Not only does Posterita provide this very useful feature to cashiers and other sales staff, it can provide information on products that may be located in other stores. If somebody wants something and it’s not on the shelves in the store that they’re in, all that the sales staff person has to do is look at the product information and find out what location the customer can get the product. This is a great feature for the cashier and the customer alike.

Centralized Data

With an on premise (non-cloud) POS system, a cashier has to call around to other stores and find somebody who knows whether or not the product is available at that store.This is time-consuming and frustrating for both the salesperson and the customer.

Because Posterita is cloud-based, all data is stored in a centralized database for your store(s). This means that there is one central inventory base that shows where items are located, if they are available, and if they have been ordered. This eliminates the need to call around to find somebody who knows information or to check on multiple different systems for information on inventory.

Posterita POS does all of the things that a retailer would expect from their terminal, including giving discounts, voiding operations, processing returns and exchanges and much more. The advanced inventory management functions, however, make it something remarkable. It can vastly streamline the shopping process for customers and makes a day at work much easier for your employees to give your customers the best service possible.