About Us

Recruiting Software Developers

(intermediate/third year)

What do we do?

Posterita’s mission is to help retailers simplify, manage and control their stores in real-time and in a centralized way, while making the POS remotely accessible and error-free.

Who are we recruiting?

We hire exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential.

Problem Solving

You must have superior intellectual and analytical abilities to find creative and simple solutions to sometimes very complex issues.

Commitment to success

We like a can-do attitude and resilience to never give up and rise to challenges.

Team Player

You must have communication skills to interact, understand and work out solutions with colleagues and customers.

Integrity and Accountability

You need to always act with honesty, integrity and with respect. And we also look for responsibility and accountability for your actions.

Passion for your work

You must love what you do. And be able to deliver quality work under tight deadlines.

Sense of humor

A great sense of humor is central for relieving stress and getting along with colleagues in the workplace.

How do I apply?

If you fit the description, we want to hear from you. Please send us your CV by email on jobs@posterita.com