Be on top of what is going on in your store.

pos employee-dashboard-in-ipad

Entrepreneurs commonly spend much more time at work than their employees. In fact, a recent study by the UK´s Penelope indicates entrepreneurs work on average as much as 63 percent longer. This especially applies to the store owners, who are often in need to be as close to their store as possible to make sure everything runs smoothly. However it is not always possible to be around, and if you own several stores you cannot physically keep track of all of them at all times.

To have perfect knowledge of what´s happening in your store, you must invest a lot of energy and time. Now if you don´t have only one store, but a large multi stores network, this mission becomes simply impossible. To keep a ratio between your work and private life in a healthy balance, you may want to start looking for some better solution. Modern web based POS software can offer you one, keeping you up-to-date of all the major events that occur in your store.

With the software Posterita offers your point of sale will now become your uncompromising deputy in the store. That’s because the software features a smart and reliable event notification system. This system will ensure you won´t miss a single event worth your attention without being constantly on alert. Everything you need to know will now find its way immediately into your e-mail box.

You can choose what types of transactions your web based POS should keep an eye on. It can offer you a notification for many things, such as:
– Your sales representative issues the End of day or Close till report
– Special sales exceeding a predefined limit
– An exchange, refund or voided transaction that has occurred
Posterita will send an event notification straight to the e-mail address you have entered.

It is important to have a trustful and reliable staff in your store. However even the best employee might forget to mention or report crucial information back to you. Posterita´s event notification system can assure you get the information you need by reporting straight back to you every day.

Now with the software offered by Posterita you have the two very important tools to stay aware of important information regarding your business:  Continuous observation and information for functional prevention. Your POS is going to reduce the time you spend controlling and observing your employees giving you more effective time and work management.