ASP-Based POS solution is revolutionizing the way POS vendors and resellers do business

Thanks to the ASP-based POS solution that Posterita provides, POS resellers are earning more money with less effort while keeping their customers happier. Posterita offers a rewarding partnership program that allows resellers to perform tasks like remote store setups, deployments, upgrades and support. So Posterita is changing the way POS vendors and resellers do business. These changes bring many benefits to vendors, resellers, and retailers, as well as countless opportunities.

Many small and medium retailers are missing out on the great benefits offered by a web-based retail operating systems. Currently, many retailers buy their operating system through local POS vendors or resellers, who choose to implement the system through a cash register or through software for managing individual stores. The inefficiency derives from the fact that the software must be installed on each of the retailer’s computers. So there are as many installations as there are computers. As a result, the POS vendor or reseller must access each computer to set it up with appropriate data, such as the price list, customer database, and product information.

There are other difficulties. System upgrades and patches need to be applied on each installation separately. When troubleshooting, the POS reseller must access each computer to ascertain the source of the problem. The process is quite time consuming and imposes constraints on many aspects of the operation.
Providing reliable and cost-effective support can be challenging and unprofitable. Now, all of these inefficiencies can be overcome by an ASP-based POS.

The accessibility provided by a Web-based POS is key. All the different stores and cash registers point to a single database, which can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere. So enormous efficiencies result.
  • There’s no need to access each computer to deploy the solution. For example, POS hardware can be shipped directly to the retailer’s premises while the VAR is setting up the configuration for the retailer. By the time the hardware reaches the customer, the system is already up and running.
  • Support can be provided remotely at anytime and from anywhere. The POS reseller can instantly discriminate between bugs, user errors, and configuration issues, as well as POS hardware problems.
  • Patches and upgrades need only be applied to the application server.
  • Better, quicker and yet cheaper support can be provided to retailers.

Vendors and resellers who wish to enjoy the efficiencies of a web-based operating system are turning to the Posterita POS in ever greater numbers.