Bundling Made Easy with Posterita

There are many benefits to bundling products. If you’re not already doing so, you should strongly consider bundling. Selling the right products together provides many benefits such as increasing sales margins and sales unit volume, introducing customers to new products, moving less popular items with popular items, and exposing your goods to potential new customers. From the customer side they may get items at a lower price or the novelty of trying new products. Overall bundling creates a win- win scenario for both you and your customers.

From an operations perspective however, selling and tracking product bundles in your point of sale (POS) system can be a real drag. If your system isn’t optimized for creating product bundles it could completely throw off your inventory management.

Posterita, a cloud based POS, enables you to manage product pairing, bundles and composite items, making bundling easy. If your items you want to bundle are already entered into the POS as inventory, when you combine them as a bundle in the system, the system still tracks each individual item. This means that when the bundle is sold together, your product inventory is correct as the system removes each item from the inventory levels. Some other systems consider the bundle a whole other new product, which can throw off your inventory levels when bundles are sold.

Creating bundles in Posterita is easy. If all the items are already entered into your system you simply:
1. Select main bundle item
2. On item combination, add the items you want to bundle to the main item
3. Save your awesome combination and set a nice display in your store for them
4. On make a sale, when selecting the main item, Posterita will load the whole bundle

Bundling products together can be highly beneficial for your business. Your POS system should make this process easy to not only enter bundles into the system but also track the correct inventory levels. This is just one of the many capabilities Posterita offers retailers to make selling easy.