Give your customers the flexibility to choose from different payment methods

Credit cards, checks, coupons, vouchers, external card readers, gift cards, and many more new tender types are available to customers and they have taken over their shopping habits. According to research traditional cash is a thing of the past and in a few decades alternative payment methods will take over the market. As a retailer it can be hard to maintain and put all the different payment methods in place in your system. However it is important to keep up with the different tender types as your consumer wants the ease to use his preferred payment method and if this isn't available your customer might not return. Often however working with a broad variety of tender types requires an investment ... Read More

Give your customers the gift of Gift Receipts

Gift receipts can be an interesting product for your customers. Many customers buy a product from your POS to gift it to someone else. But what if the receiver needs to return or trade this product? They would need to have the receipt as well. However this is something that the customer who is offering the gift might not want to hand out, as it shows the price, method of payment and circumstance of the purchase. With gift receipts you offer your customers an easy solution. Gift receipts are just like regular receipts, they are a proof of purchase that allows the owner to trade or return a product if it is not the desired item. Gift receipts have the ... Read More