Create, manage and modify your product lists efficiently.

For retail management it is important to be efficient with time management and reduce mistakes as much as possible. However the process of making changes to the system such as changing the price of a product, adding new products or changing the details of a product can be time consuming and prone to error. The retail management system allows for a manual edit of individual products, which then can be saved into the system. However stores often sell thousands of items and manually altering a batch of products can be extremely repetitive and time consuming. Mistakes are easily made this way. A perfect solution Posterita offers to simplify the process of managing your inventory list is with the use of ... Read More

Bundling Made Easy with Posterita

There are many benefits to bundling products. If you're not already doing so, you should strongly consider bundling. Selling the right products together provides many benefits such as increasing sales margins and sales unit volume, introducing customers to new products, moving less popular items with popular items, and exposing your goods to potential new customers. From the customer side they may get items at a lower price or the novelty of trying new products. Overall bundling creates a win- win scenario for both you and your customers. From an operations perspective however, selling and tracking product bundles in your point of sale (POS) system can be a real drag. If your system isn’t optimized for creating product bundles it could ... Read More

Web Based Point of sale Systems Simplify Multi Store Inventory Management

For retailers with multiple store locations, managing store operations is a complex task. There are different markets to serve, different staff at each location, and different inventory management needs. The most efficient way to manage all your different store needs is to have all your stores’ data available in one view. A point of sale system (POS) that stores all your store data in the cloud rather than at each individual location on a hard drive provides this capability. Storage in the cloud provides two key benefits. First it means all your store data from multiple locations is stored on a centralized data base. By having your data all in one place, you can access the data for analysis, compare ... Read More

Cut business costs, be ecologic and engage with your customers

Retailers are always looking out for the best tricks and methods to make their business more efficient and customer friendly. By taking advantage of the digital receipts feature in your POS you can make your business more efficient by automatically sending the receipt to the customers email. This will make the process of billing less time and money consuming. Digital receipt is amongst those POS features that can be advantageous on several different aspects. All you need is to capture your customers email address and you can send the sales receipt automatically to their inbox, without the need of paper. Additionally, when you have your customers email you are able to interact with your customer on any moment such as ... Read More

The competencies of your employees are in your hand

In order to have your store and employees completely functional you need to establish some methodologies and rules. For any business to prosper it is essential that everything and everybody plays its part. Posterita's POS makes this possible with the role based access control. This is a handy tool which can help you prevent various forms of abuse, inappropriate decision-making, undesired actions and errors that can occur by your employees within your retail system. On top of this the role based access control will also make your store and your employees far more efficient in day to day operations. This is how it works. The role based access control feature lets you create various settings to fit the tasks and ... Read More