Create, manage and modify your product lists efficiently.

For retail management it is important to be efficient with time management and reduce mistakes as much as possible. However the process of making changes to the system such as changing the price of a product, adding new products or changing the details of a product can be time consuming and prone to error. The retail management system allows for a manual edit of individual products, which then can be saved into the system. However stores often sell thousands of items and manually altering a batch of products can be extremely repetitive and time consuming. Mistakes are easily made this way. A perfect solution Posterita offers to simplify the process of managing your inventory list is with the use of ... Read More

Flexible unit measurement.

Every store has their own unique product demand and specification. A new trend is on the rise where retail stores offer a more wide variety of different products to cater a larger consumer base aiming to become a “one-stop shop”. Regardless if you simply have a large variety of products or if you aim to be a one-stop shop, offering different products in different quantities can be crucial. It is important for these type of retails to conveniently update the system to meet the current demand customers may have. A great way to increase your customers, it may be challenging if your point of sale software does not give you the flexibility to adapt to your inventory need and deal ... Read More

Don’t ever sell to under age customers

Certain businesses within the retail industry must be very careful about who they sell their products to. Retailers that own liquor stores or sell tobacco products must be sure to always do age verification to be sure the customer is of age. And now with the evolution of vapor products, vape smoke shop retailers must also be careful who they sell to. In some states in the United States, retailers must also ID for marijuana sales. This is a bit more difficult to accomplish for online, or “e-smoke shops” as it is easier for minors to bypass online age verification. Retailers in these heavily regulated industries must pay close attention customer verification, however, because if they are caught selling to ... Read More