The competencies of your employees are in your hand

In order to have your store and employees completely functional you need to establish some methodologies and rules. For any business to prosper it is essential that everything and everybody plays its part. Posterita’s POS makes this possible with the role based access control. This is a handy tool which can help you prevent various forms of abuse, inappropriate decision-making, undesired actions and errors that can occur by your employees within your retail system. On top of this the role based access control will also make your store and your employees far more efficient in day to day operations.

This is how it works. The role based access control feature lets you create various settings to fit the tasks and duties of a particular employee within your staff. While creating the different roles within the Posterita’s POS, you need to specify which menus and features a specific employee may have access to. When properly set up the employee only sees the menus and operations he needs to use in his every day actions in the Point of Sale software.

For example, you can create different profiles for a store manager or a regular employee. The sales representative will have access to the point of sale operations and executive tasks from it, like processing sales, applying discounts, perform refunds and exchanges, run end of day, within their limits of actions, which means, without being able to change, modify or view your items list. Instead, the store manager will have already a wider range of action, involving reports, employee profiles and their attributes, voiding sales receipts. This system can repeat itself as long as you need. This way you prevent wrong use of your system or giving sensitive information away to employees that should not have access to this information. The tool is also useful to make the point of sale environment more comfortable and easy for your employee. As your employee will now only see those menus and options that are important directly to him, he can navigate through the system much more efficient and faster, saving you and your organization a lot of time and money.

To summarize the role based access control can help you train and guide your new employees more easily, helping those who are a new members of your team to pick up the job right from the start. Employees will be able to work in an effective, intuitive and efficient way. They will never get lost in the multiple layers of data that are completely unnecessary for the employee, because the role based access control software will assure to separate the useless from the useful giving your employee only the tools they need and nothing else. With the role based access control, you assure the safety and productivity of your system and the store.