Create, manage and modify your product lists efficiently.

For retail management it is important to be efficient with time management and reduce mistakes as much as possible. However the process of making changes to the system such as changing the price of a product, adding new products or changing the details of a product can be time consuming and prone to error. The retail management system allows for a manual edit of individual products, which then can be saved into the system. However stores often sell thousands of items and manually altering a batch of products can be extremely repetitive and time consuming. Mistakes are easily made this way.

A perfect solution Posterita offers to simplify the process of managing your inventory list is with the use of CSV, Comma Separated Values. CSVs are simple files which the system can use to store tabular data. These files are by far the most easiest and reliable way to create, modify and import data to your system giving you an ideal solution to make changes to a large batch of products.

With CSVs, stores can create their products lists through a file such as a spreadsheet that makes retail management convenient as it allows the simple modification and upload of an inventory list through an easy to use row and column format. Fill in the relevant details in the columns, save the file and import the CSV file into the system. Any future changes are easily done by modifying the CSV file, bringing the changes to your system.

By using a spreadsheet list to view and alter your product information you can save up on time management and focus on other priorities. It allows you to have a good oversight of all the products listed and gives the platform a way to quickly modify, import and implement inventory lists and changes. With CSV files and retail management software, Posterita optimizes inventory processes to save time, increase efficiency and promote simplification.