Customer Data Provides Opportunity

Gathering information about your customers is one of the most important things you can do for your business to ensure success. Knowing what your customers purchase helps you to tailor your marketing so that it reaches out to them in the most effective way possible. Posterita has qualities that make it excellent for this purpose.

Centralized Data

Demographic information is valuable so it makes sense to ensure that it is stored somewhere where it is accessible to anyone at any store. Posterita stores information in a centralized database and utilizes cloud technology to make that information available wherever you are. This is important to making certain that all the demographic information you work so hard to gather can be utilized instantly.

Loyalty Cards

Fidelity cards are popular ways to give customers and retailers something worthwhile. Customers are usually given discounts on their purchases when they use a loyalty card which provides retailers with valuable customer data. By storing this data retailers can then target coupons and other discount promotions to customers. Posterita allows you to take this a step further.
If you have a customer who comes into the store without their loyalty card, your cashiers can look them up by name or whatever criteria you use to identify them. This will give the cashier access to the customer’s profile.

When you are trying to target marketing to customers based on their loyalty cards, you can look at their entire purchasing history and offer your customers personalized discounts and other offers based on that history. You can even see when and where they bought something, how much of it they bought, and so forth. This is incredibly powerful as far as marketing information is concerned.

Another great feature of Posterita is you can actually print out loyalty cards from the system. This allows you to customize them and print them up for a more touch rather than giving them a generic card.
Posterita has many powerful customer management features built into it. One of the best is the features that help in growing customer loyalty. With Posterita, you not only manage your business, you manage your relationships