Customer Knowledge Gap Issues Plague Retail

Reaching out to customers with targeted advertisements can be beneficial, but can present logistical issues. Integrating existing loyalty programs with targeted advertising provides an intuitive and worthwhile solution, provided you have the right technology.

Among the most powerful features of Posterita is the ability to gather information on customers. Retailers can use this data for loyalty programs and customer purchase data to create a profile of a customer that can be very useful for marketing. When retailers are trying to reach out to customers, one of the biggest challenges they face is figuring out how to get customers to pay attention to advertisements. Many consumers tune out ads. However, some customers will provide contact information to businesses when they want to make certain they know that business is having a sale or other promotion.

How Posterita Does It

Posterita can be set up to send e-mail messages to customers who provide their contact information. These  e-mails will be sent automatically. You don’t have to do anything once the system is set up. Better yet, you can actually target these promotions to fit with your current inventory situation.

You can also customize these notifications to suit the customer. For instance, you can decide whether or not to include the tax in the price information and so forth. If you are advertising to the customer primarily to promote items that are tax exempt, this capability is very useful.

For example, if you sell bicycle parts, and you have a customer who frequently comes in and buys inner tubes, you could have them notified when there is a sale on inner tubes. This allows you to reach out to people in a very precise way but also in a consistent way. The promotions notices they receive will be consistent with their known purchasing habits and tastes.

Keeping it Ethical

No one likes Spam. When customers provide their contact information, you can be certain that they want you to contact them. This is a great way to ensure that you are engaging in ethical marketing and not spamming your valuable customers.