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General manager: Yan Hip
Store: Citadel
No .of Stores: 6
Location: Coromandel, MU
Retail Segment:Clothing


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Citadel has the vision to be the favorite and most friendly brand in the souvenir market.
In 1983, Citadel created a collection of souvenir t-shirt for the visitors coming to Mauritius. It was an overnight success, not only with the visitors, but also with the locals who proudly identified themselves with citadel brand as it reflects the friendliness of Mauritius.

Citadel is currently being exported to Corsica, Reunion, London and Denmark. Citadel is now looking for SMEs specializing in the importation and distribution of souvenir t-shirts for the development of its brand in Europe, South Africa and the USA.

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There are several things we really like about the system. The two most important features for us are the ability to have all our stores connected in real time to a single place and the other is how we have been able to manage all of our barcoded products. Thanks to Posterita, we now have barcodes per design, per color and per size. We always feared the complexity of managing so many barcodes, but with the way Posterita is integrated with the barcodes, it’s so easy for us now to print barcodes on demand. We now have much better control of our inventory and sales. We know precisely what are the best sellers and the products we must discontinue. For example, we will no longer make 3XL T-shirts, because only sold 6 in the last 3 months.

Yan Hip | General Manager of Citadel

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