Cut business costs, be ecologic and engage with your customers

Retailers are always looking out for the best tricks and methods to make their business more efficient and customer friendly. By taking advantage of the digital receipts feature in your POS you can make your business more efficient by automatically sending the receipt to the customers email. This will make the process of billing less time and money consuming.

Digital receipt is amongst those POS features that can be advantageous on several different aspects. All you need is to capture your customers email address and you can send the sales receipt automatically to their inbox, without the need of paper. Additionally, when you have your customers email you are able to interact with your customer on any moment such as sending them coupons to make your items more interesting, offer your best customers a gift or ask them for a survey. On top of this it can help you create a database with the names and emails of your customers together with their purchases so you can keep an eye out of what interests your customers and offer them benefits such as a customer loyalty program. This way you can alter your retailing to improve the customer experience.

With the digital receipt feature you are improving your customer relationship management (CRM), when the customer returns to your shop you can recall the customer by his or her name making their customer experience even more personal. It gives you a way to distinguish your retail from your competition. Digital receipt also offers an extra level of comfort, as there will always be a digital copy of any purchase made in your store.

With Digital receipt you improve your system to become more efficient and it will give your POS the extra functionality to be on top of your competition and the needs of your customers.