Enforce your discount policies

Finding a perfect balance for your business and management can be tough. Discount policy provides a perfect example. You want to ensure that your customers are happy with the smoothness and pace at which the point of sale in your store operates. You can ask your sales representative to discuss every single discount directly with you or your sales manager but you also want to ensure a quick and neat experience to your customer. To avoid that kind of complications you need a web based POS to handle the decisions about discounts automatically, without your personal involvement. One that is fast, reliable and simple. It’s a choice between making clients wait 15 minutes to be served with a discount, or make things immediate.

The POS software is a system designed to cater to every possible need of a modern retailer. It can be your smart assistant or even a deputy you can entrust to relieve you from some of your duties. If the sales representative needs to communicate with his stakeholders before applying the discount, you can make it that way. Overall, you can make a flexible and adjustable discount policy while keeping it secure with Posterita’s.

Thanks to the role based access feature the Point of Sale software can quickly and easily distinguish between its users based on the specific preset roles you create for them. The main function of this feature is to allow you to prevent your employees from taking some action they are not eligible to. But it can also be used to simplify some operations that would otherwise need your personal oversight, such as discounts. You can decide which of your employees will be authorized to deal with the discounts and which won’t.

While the main focus of this feature is flexibility, accuracy and speed, you also have to make sure your employees don’t abuse their competence or make any major mistakes. Once you set up specific roles in the point of sale system you can be assured to have set limits. They can now conduct discount operations at the touch of a button, but only within their competence. The performance of your employees gain flexibility, without any form of discount abuse or overuse, and done accurately at a fast pace. The final result is an effective discount and a happy client with a good service. Applying a discount on a sales receipt has never been easier, quicker and flexible with the web based POS software by Posterita.