Customer & Loyalty management

Increase revenue and create repeat business

Customer & Loyalty management

Customer reward loyalty program

Grow repeat business through your own customized customer loyalty program that is simple, powerful and easy-to-use.
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Know your customer

During checkout, your sales associate can create a customer name and capture details like  phone number, email address, see recent purchases, and more. If that customer forgets or misplaces a loyalty card, your sales associate can verify the customer in the system via Posterita’s quick customer look up. This means your loyal customers get the right treatment every time.

Know your customer with Posterita pos

Track your customer

As soon as a customer is identified from a loyalty card or by a name search, all purchases made by the customer are recorded and attached to the customer’s profile. You can filter and analyze customer shopping patterns to enhance customer loyalty or tailor special offers. In fact, you can track down what was sold, to whom, at what time, and in what quantities.

Run targeted promotions

When you track customer purchases you can filter your database and notify your customers about special promotions you are running to help drive sales.

Target promotion with Posterita pos

Automate your discounts

The ability to have multiple different price lists in Posterita enables you to set discounted prices for loyal customers. All you need to do is to create multiple price lists during the product creation stage. Whenever your loyal customer chooses an item that qualifies for a special promotion, Posterita will automatically select the discounted price during checkout.


Line of credit sales

Customer credit management by days and by amount
Statement of accounts
Ability to track and handle credit sales

Customer creation & management

Store & track customer info
Central database of customers
Use facebook to populate your customer profile
Send digital receipts to customers’ e-mail inbox
Manage customers via groups
Assign customers to different categories and groups


Customer dashboard
Customizable reports to analyze shopping patterns

Email campaign & loyalty program

Mailchimp integration
Run targeted promotions
Loyalty program through App card
Coupon management

At Pos

Identify and assign sales to customers at
Automatically select the right price list based
on customer grouping
Add customer notes
Create customer profile at check out
Capture customer signature at checkout
All customer profiles are accessible from any