Employee management

Make them accountable for their actions

Employee management

Monitor attendance

When any employee logs into the system, Posterita opens a window and prompts the employee to enter a username and password. The clock starts ticking and stops when the same person logs out. They clock in or out simply by selecting the time-clock icon at the top right corner of the cash screen. Tracking employee hours and attendance is automated with Posterita.

Track performance- Cloud based employee scheduling

How can you make sure your employees are doing their jobs properly? Each time a sales associate sells an item, Posterita records the details of the transaction. So you can monitor the value and quantity of the items each employee sells. With Posterita, you have visibility of your top performers.

Security and Accountability

Posterita records the time, date and nature of any operation carried out by each member of your staff. So you have more security and accountability by everyone on your team.

Security and Accountability with Posterita pos

Secure access to your system

With Posterita, you can set roles and permissions for each employee. You can secure the information your staff can see and modify. You can determine which screens are accessible from the menu and which members of your staff can read, edit or delete information. Also, employees are automatically logged out after an hour of inactivity.


Clock in & clock out
Assign specific privilege and permission to employee
Audit trail: every transaction is recorded
Monitor attendance and employee activity
Measure employee performance with dashboard or reports
Transaction tracking