Multiple store management

The puzzle brilliantly solved

Multi stores management pos

All data synchronized to a single database

Until now, managing multiple retail locations was very complicated. Each store had its own POS and the data was stored onsite. With our cloud technology all POS data is stored in one database. All of your stores share a common data set and each also keep their data private.

Designed from the ground-up for multi-store retail

Posterita works for many different types of retail environments — from one terminal to many terminals, in one store or multiple stores, in one state or many states. With single or multiple tax rules, and with uniform product pricing or different pricing policies. Posterita conforms to your business’s needs.

Central management for all of your stores

Since Posterita is web-based, changes can be made centrally for any of your stores, from anywhere, at anytime. This helps to avoid duplication of work and double entries such as product references and vendors. You can also easily switch between different stores or terminals on the fly.

multi stores management pos with Posterita

Tax Management

Posterita can apply different tax rates for the same product based on the location where it’s sold. The POS uses two concepts to handle this — tax category and tax rates. All the products that you buy or sell need to be assigned to a specific tax category. And each tax category can have multiple tax rates. At checkout, the tax category and tax rate are automatically applied to the product you are about to sell.


Share a common item and inventory file and keep store data private
Accurate and efficient inter-store inventory transfers and requests
Central management of all stores
Combination of cloud and on premises technology
ERP backbone
Combine multi-store data to run organization-wide reports
Handle any differences in tax rules and categories in different store locations
Handle different pricing for different store locations
Track individual store, employee, item performance across your whole retail chain