Point of sale

Speed & Accuracy

A Point of Sale Software designed by retailers for retailers

Intuitive and easy to-use

Our POS is built with the retail process in mind. Large and easy to read entry buttons; a single checkout screen for sales transactions; all commonly used task icons are accessible with a single click. With intuitive flow and process-oriented designs make the touch screen user interface smooth. Everything is designed to facilitate the way you work.

point of sale

Sell anything you want

No matter what types of products or services you sell – T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, coffee, services or anything else – you can manage them in Posterita. You can track product details like color, size, design and more. You can also modify the buy essay item just before checkout by adding or removing paying or non paying options, assign and track serial numbers, and sell items in a bundle or combination.

Reduce employee training time and expenses

Posterita is quick and easy to learn. The touch-screen technology is a user-friendly input method, and our user interface is incredibly intuitive. So your new employees will be ready to serve customers in far less time.


Supported items

Serial numbers
Product / Fashion matrix
Order modification for food service, customer orders, etc.
ID verification (coming soon)
Import items to Posterita just by scanning their barcode
Product pairing / bundle / composite items


Send digital receipts
Reprint sales receipts at anytime
Add a comment to receipt
Signature capture on receipt

Control mechanisms

Blind reconcilation end of day
Archive of all accounts
Advanced control mechanisms to only authorize allowed discounts
Role-based user access
Instant notification sent to your inbox as retail event occur

Payment & items pricing

Sell on credit
Vouchers / credit note
Gift cards (issue, track and redeem)Integrated card processing
Accept multiple tenders at checkout
Automatic price list & tax selection based on who is buying and where items is sold
Automatic tax rate selection based on nature items that is sold and location
Accept tax rate change at checkout

 POS operations faster and with more control

Discounts by %, per line and on grand total
Track layaway
Void, exchange & return
Perform all tasks from a single screen
Item card with picture (real-time inventory across all stores and prices)
Easy and quick item selection by barcodes, searching, item directory
Automatic tax rate selection based on nature items that is sold and location


Suspend and resume transactions
Line busting (Open a new cashier whenever needed)
Direct access to support