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POS Compatibility

Turn your iPad into a POS powerhouse

Posterita has designed its POS around the way you use the iPad for your business. The design, fonts, colors and shapes of the POS software are all made to ensure that you always see what you want and what you expect. This allows you always do the operation you intended to do from the screen you expect it to be on. Perform operations quicker and without any errors and leverage all standard iPAd POS hardware too.

Connect to third party apps

We’ve directed our focus to not only create a good POS, we’ve created a great POS with Posterita. We want to remain focused on this objective and understand that many users want to leverage all of the data that Posterita is able to provide. This is why we have selected a few strategic companies to integrate with to offer an easy path to a smarter business. (Sign-up using Facebook, e-mail campaigns with Mailchimp, Quickbooks, AppCard,..)

Integrated payment processors

If you use one of our payment processor partners or gateways, all you have to do to accept payments is connect a supported credit card swipe reader to Posterita. This helps speed up checkout, eliminate manual keying errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Best of all, you can save money with lower payment processing costs.

Support most of the industry standard POS hardware

Posterita is adaptable to your hardware needs and environment.
For example, Posterita can work with a Mac or Windows laptop with a basic set up, or through dedicated POS devices.
For a list of Posterita compatible hardware, click here.
If you are unsure about whether your existing hardware will work with Posterita, just contact us.

Posterita pos compatibility

A Flexible Point of Sale

Posterita POS works on any platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS) and is also designed to work on iPad, iPhone, as well as Android tablets and phones..


Hardware compatibility

Most of the POS industry standard hardware
Android tablets and phones
iPhone& iPad

Supported payment processors

Element PS

iPad POS

Native iPad application
Pair any POS Hardware to your iPad

Third party software

Facebook – Import customer data
Mailchimp – Engage with your customers
KaChing! – Coupon redemption and management
Quickbooks – Accounting

Browser compatibility

Google Chrome
Internet explorer