Inventory management

View levels in real-time & for all stores

Online POS inventory management software

Item classification management

Good inventory management starts with proper item classification and definition. That is why Posterita allows you to define any item based on its attributes. For example a t-shirt could be a combination of attributes like color, size, model, brand, etc. This is a central part of our system as it allows you to:

  • sell and manage any type of item together with another
  • save time and create multiple items as a combination of these attributes
  • analyze item performance based on any of its attributes (color, size, etc.)

Real-time inventory tracking

Your retail success depends on getting your inventory to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, and at the right price. Once you get your inventory, you need real-time information about all of the items in your store or stores. Thanks to cloud and ERP technology, Posterita takes the guesswork out of complicated and often inaccurate inventory management.

Inventory transfer among stores

You can easily transfer inventory among your stores. How can you transfer inventory from one store? Forget about paperwork. Just touch or click the “Send Items” icon and make the transfer. If you need items just request items. Both stores will be notified immediately. And when the inventory arrives at the store, the staff will confirm exactly what they received.

Inventory transfer

Trace your inventory

Since Posterita never replaces, erases, or loses any information during modifications to its database, you can pinpoint inventory levels and movements any time. Simply choose the reference and the time period you want to check. Posterita will display the data you requested almost instantly. So, if you ran a special promotion and want to see how you did, you can check on it right away.


Inventory transfer across stores

Track inventory by item categories and stores in real time
Detailed item cards with inventory availability at POS
Ability to create and track multiple warehouses
Handle consignment inventory tracking
Request and send inventory from any store

Inventory adjustments

Adjust inventory following stock take
Update inventory by importing CSV

Inventory control mechanisms

Track unfulfilled inventory requests
Transaction details of any item
Automatic and daily inventory counts
Centralized view of all stores’ inventory

Items management & creation

Multiple level of details & dimensions
Serial numbers
Multiple units of measurements
Recognize barcodes from a database of more than 3 million items
Create items via Excel
Barcode printing
Assign pictures to items

Make the right decision

Markdown management
Sales and Forecasting
Inventory consolidation
Inventory discrepancy reports