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Online POS Reports & Analytics

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ERP capabilities provide the ability to track everything within your retail operation, even across multiple stores. It also provides scalability to your business. You can use the ERP capabilities to provide answers to virtually any questions you may have about your retail operations.

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Measure performance of anything

Posterita records every aspect of your business to ensure you have complete data. And thanks to Posterita’s Report and business intelligence (BI) engine, you can analyze the data at any level of detail – by store, region, product, product category, and more. So you have complete control over the displayed reports. No more guesswork.

Achieve your business objectives

Posterita’s ability to provide you with current reports showing real-time data means you have a clearer picture of what’s happening with your business. More than 20 context sensitive reports are available. For instance, you can see your top 10 products, employee performance, product lifespan, cash in till, inventory reports, and much, much more.

Easily customize your reports

All of our reports provide full flexibility to generate the report you want. You can add or remove columns, or specify in which order you want the parameters displayed. You can even export them to Excel or e-mail them as a PDF.

Examine product and transaction details

Our linking technology ensures that from the reports displayed, you can access any other record related to it. So you can quickly understand the details of an operation such as a specific sale, an exchange, or a cancellation by clicking on the displayed order id of a transaction. If you want to check the details of the product, just click on the product id.