Security & Control

At every steps and at any levels

Security & Control

Total control from checkout to inventory

Everything is recorded from the person who did it, the time that was done and the nature of the operation. We leverage many ERP and big data features so you can be in total control at any level of detail that you want like item, employee, store and more and through the different retail processes.

PCI compliance payment processing

Credit card processing is done on web hosted form. So payment is processed withouth storing any sensitive information on your POS

Your data is safe with us

Our servers are hosted in world class datacenters (SAS70). We back up all your data on a daily basis. Rest assured that all your data is safe. We set up many security layers to protect the servers from ooutside threats like DDOS attacks, viruses, phishing and more.

Native POS module that synchronises in the cloud

100% uptime is guaranteed. You don’t need an internet connection to process sales. At the same time we have a cloud connection protocol that allows all the back office to synchronize nicely. You get the best of cloud technologies and robustness of local installation


Datacenter & web security

HTTPS data encryption
SAS 70 Hosting
Daily data back-up
PCI compliant
Chip and pin credit card processing
Void, exchange & return
Perform all tasks from a single screen
Item card with picture (real-time inventory across all stores and prices)
Easy and quick item selection by barcodes, searching, item directory
Automatic tax rate selection based on nature items that is sold and location


Suspend and resume transactions
Line busting (Open a new cashier whenever needed)
Direct access to support

Total control throughout the different retail processes

Everything is recorded
ERP architecture
Preference setting adjustment
Employee accountability and monitoring
Instant notifications for decisive actions
Automatic stock take
Discount controls to prevent abuse
Role-base user access control
Performance tracking (store, item, employee)
Archive of all cashbooks
Blind reconcilation
Reports on statuses of actions that are left “open”