Flexible unit measurement.

Every store has their own unique product demand and specification. A new trend is on the rise where retail stores offer a more wide variety of different products to cater a larger consumer base aiming to become a “one-stop shop”. Regardless if you simply have a large variety of products or if you aim to be a one-stop shop, offering different products in different quantities can be crucial. It is important for these type of retails to conveniently update the system to meet the current demand customers may have. A great way to increase your customers, it may be challenging if your point of sale software does not give you the flexibility to adapt to your inventory need and deal with the situation.

For these types of stores, a crucial task is to be able to conveniently and adequately quantify their stock with the right unit measurements. Assuring the right inventory for resale and ensuring that there are no discrepancies in the inventory or sales records. Thus from the business software point of view, these shops need to be more flexible with measurements. It may be the difference between pounds and kilograms, units, sachets or bags, gallons or bottles, cartons, dozen, ounces, bundles, boxes, and so on. Whatever units your one-stop shop may have, the increase in variety will demand for a wider use of measurement.

The retail point of sale system that Posterita offers features a wide range of unit measurements on their retail management system. Enabling your retail to adequately keep track of your inventory or order the right amount of products. For stores with a large variety of products, this is a crucial feature. No matter if you are a tobacco retailer, general merchandise store, sell fresh food or other products you will encounter different types of measurements. The point of sale system helps in handling these types of different units more easy, allowing you to focus on the more important things and without having to worry about checking up on your inventory.