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Posterita, the POS your franchisees will love!

You and your franchisees will love using Posterita. At a store level, you can perform any POS operations faster and without error with our neat and simple user interface. The ability to manage different franchises centrally is where we can make a difference for your business. Every user within your organization will only have access to the right level of data in order to get the job done.

Overview of Posterita features

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Posterita, the POS your franchisees will really love!

The Best Franchise POS software for Retail

Help your franchisees succeed

Understanding how well each one of your franchise locations is doing and providing the right feedback at the right time improves your business –like what to markdown, what and how many to re-order, how to reduce stock out, or how to improve inventory turnover rate. Posterita records all the details of all transactions and provides tools to analyze performance at any level of detail.

Help your franchisees succeed more

Easily scale your franchise network

As a cloud POS built on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Posterita is ideal for a multi-store environment. The result is a retail software that can be deployed in a franchise environment. It can replicate your retail environment–whether you operate your own stores or you have multiple franchises, or the locations use different pricing policies or different tax rates and rules.

Scale easily as your franchise network grows

Reduce capital investment requirements of your franchisees

With our cloud technology, there are no servers to buy or maintain. There are no upfront capital expenditure that is required in order to get your franchisee going. And furthermore, you and your franchisees have the assurance that the franchise will always have the latest and most innovative retail management system.

Reduce Capital investment of your franchisees

Manage everything centrally

Posterita connects multiple franchises on a single database. So each franchise location shares a common set of data– like the product file for example. However, while this information is centrally available, only the right level of data is available to each franchise. So, now central management becomes not only possible and but also easy. For example, it’s simple to maintain product information and administration at the head office. Forget double entries.

Manage everything centrally

Get real-time reports and improve productivity

Posterita provides more control and visibility into your franchise store operations. Everything is done so you can make informed decisions. With Posterita you can consolidate large amounts of data across your many stores for procurement forecasting, analyze performance at any level of detail – per franchisee, store, employee, item- so you can provide accurate advice to your franchisees, and receive notifications as retail events unfold.

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Find out more about control

Get real-time reports and improve productivity

Know your royalty amounts

Posterita allows you to calculate your net sales across all your franchisees. It’s easy to monitor royalties owed to you. It’s simple to reduce fraud by eliminating under-reporting of sales.

Know what your royalty payments are

Improve procurement

All your data is centralized. All your items are centrally created. Every detail of each transaction is centrally recorded. And all this information is available in real-time. The result is a coherent and content-rich database that can be analyzed at any level of detail. So when it comes to forecasting your purchasing, Posterita gives you the knowledge – by items, gender, size, color and more – to place your orders accurately with confidence.

Improve your procurement

Examples of ideal franchise industries for Posterita

Find out if posterita is the right POS for you

Find out if posterita is the right POS for you

Features and benefits that will help your franchise business succeed




Cloud Reporting


Assign sales to customers


Inventory transfer module


Request inventory feature


Multiple price lists

Track sales per sales rep

Multiple stores


No initial capital expenditure for the software


Multiple tax


Timely and accurate recommendations from franchisor


Royalty calculations


Powerful and simple POS


Tools for forecasting and improving procurement


Similarities between franchisees and franchisor


Offline capability so you can keep ringing sales without internet connection


Quality of Posterita support

Performance analysis at any level of detail


Product matrices to break down sku into different variants like color and size


Real-time notification like when end of day is processed


Role base user access

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