Give your customers the flexibility to choose from different payment methods

Credit cards, checks, coupons, vouchers, external card readers, gift cards, and many more new tender types are available to customers and they have taken over their shopping habits. According to research traditional cash is a thing of the past and in a few decades alternative payment methods will take over the market. As a retailer it can be hard to maintain and put all the different payment methods in place in your system. However it is important to keep up with the different tender types as your consumer wants the ease to use his preferred payment method and if this isn’t available your customer might not return. Often however working with a broad variety of tender types requires an investment in technology, employee schooling and constant adjustment of your sales system. But no matter what kind of frequently used tender type you want to use, you can be assured that Posterita’s POS is ready to take the payment method.

As the Cloud Based POS of Posterita is designed to suit the needs of todays retailers, it is as default ready to take on several forms of payment methods. These include: Cash, credit card, external card reader, checks, vouchers, gift cards, payment on credit and many more. To give extra functionality the system can also work with different tender types at once, giving your customer the option to make the payment process with a mix of their preferred payment methods. For example if your customer wants to pay partially by cash or credit card, Posterita’s POS can split the payment so that the payment process can be done with two tender types.

Customer flexibility is something many customers are looking for in their preferred store of choice. Allowing the customer to pay by their preferred payment method or even by several payment methods is something every retailer should be able to offer. As it increases the flexibility of your customers to pay however they want it will increase the customer satisfaction making it more attractive for them to shop at your store. Therefore it is crucial that your point of sale is able to accept all the common multiple tender types. With the Cloud based Point of sale you are guaranteed to offer your customers the payment method they are looking for, assuring a satisfied customer throughout the payment process.