Inconsistent Policies Damage Retailers

Many retail establishments have more than one location. Due to this fact, there’s a need to make certain that company policies are adhered to consistently among the different locations. Posterita can help you achieve this goal with three key features:

1. Smart User Setup

The way that Posterita assures policy consistency is to create templates for different permissions across all of your different locations, you can do this with Posterita. The real advantage here is that Posterita doesn’t require you to do this individually on each different POS terminal. You set the policy centrally and it is set for every store in the system.

2. Add and Remove Permissions

Any corporate policy has to be fluid so it can adapt to a changing marketplace. Sometimes, you may find that you need to give your managers a little bit more authority or that you need to give your sales people a little bit less. You can do this instantly with Posterita. By simply changing the permissions given to a particular group, you can change the permissions given to each individual user within that group. You could for example, give all of your people who work behind cash registers the ability to void transactions during the holiday season to speed up the lines.

3. Time Tracking

Posterita also allows your employees to clock in and clock out on the POS system. This is a great feature. It links their time at work directly to their sales. It also prevents people from clocking in for a fellow employee and eliminates the need to have a separate time tracking system. Everything is consolidated into the same system, which means that there is less hassle involved with getting data.

Posterita has a lot to offer as far as consistency is concerned. All of your employee’s hours are reported and stored in the same database, along with their sales figures, and you can determine what any given group of your employees can do from a central location. This makes this system particularly powerful and helps is business owners to solve some of the most common problems that go along with keeping a consistent policy across many different branches or locations of the company.