Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction with line busting.

In conventional retail businesses, customers choose their products and then have to find their way to the tills or cashiers to finalize their purchase. Too often this results in long queue’s and waiting time. A customer can change their mind during this process and as they get frustrated by waiting, they might not come back to your store. However Posterita offers a more innovative approach to boost customer satisfaction and increase sale.

With the point of sale software Posterita offers, you can allow the sales representative to move away from the cashier and allow to realize purchases anywhere on the premises. By bringing the sales representative to the customer you will boost the service of your store, allowing your employee’s to build loyalty with the customer and become more efficient in your transactions. On top of this, management gets the flexibility to cut down the waiting time generated by large queue’s by allowing you to service your customers right on the spot.

This form of sale, named line busting, is getting increasingly more interest by retailers. The ability to bring the point of sale to the customer, instead of forcing the customer to queuing up at your cashier, significantly increases the service and efficiency of your retail making you stand out even more from all the other retailers. The technology for line busting often includes a mobile point of sale with a hand-held checkout device that is designated to complete the purchase anywhere. An example of the features the device of a sales representative may have is the option to scan bar-codes, take payments and print a receipt.

Since Posterita’s point of sale software is a web based mobile POS, it is ideal for the use of line busting. Besides a user friendly interface, designed for fast and reliable touch screen operations, it is also optimized for wireless web based transactions. Posterita can be connected with any mobile device such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, barcode scanners, card readers, receipt printers without any compatibility issues. On top of this, with the wireless flexibility that Posterita offers you can set up a pop-up store, kiosk, temporary location or a store very fast.

Line busting provides a true advantage by increasing the service to shoppers and making your retail significantly more efficient. Customers will love the personal approach of the sales representatives serving their needs at any moment. Build a stronger bond with your customers with line busting, promote customer satisfaction and increase your customer loyalty. Service to the need of your customer with the point of sale software by Posterita anytime, anywhere.