Inventory Count with Inventory Adjustment

For many retailers, inventory control is the biggest challenge for running a successful retail operation. Unless you are a very small retailer with a narrow product mix, keeping your inventory counts up to date can pose a huge challenge. If you don’t keep your popular items in stock for customers, you risk lowering customer loyalty. If you have too much inventory just sitting on your sales floor, you encounter cost to serve. For many retailers regular inventory counts mean taking time away from your main focus of driving sales but it is one of the most important tasks that should be done regularly.

Good inventory management practices can influence many things. In fact, strong inventory can help control theft because it helps you know if employees or customers are stealing. You can also avoid running out of items and locate items quickly for customers through regular inventory  tracking. Regular inventory management can also help you have a better financial view of how your business is doing overall, and you can better understand what items are successful, which are not very popular, and which ones need to be marked down to move.

Retailers know that inventory count is essential to be successful but the question is what is the best, most efficient way to keep track of inventory on a regular basis? For any retailer, having a point of sale that can do inventory tracking efficiently and accurately, can make a big difference in the ease of doing business.

Posterita point of sale does not require a retailer to close the store in order to complete a stock check. With Posterita, a stock check can be done when employees have time to do it. For example, if your sales floor is  experiencing low customer traffic, your employees can focus on taking inventory counts and updating them in Posterita. They utilize their work time better and your inventory counts are more accurate and recent. All they need to do is input the number of items they count on the “Inventory Adjustment” icon. Posterita keeps a running record of all items in a store and can send a notification if a change happens. This way you have a much better and up to date picture of your current inventory levels and can take action if anything out of the ordinary appears.