Keep your discount policy clear and enforceable

Make your discount secure, fast and flexible

Discounts are quite often a misused competence of retail employees. To address this issue, you would probably have to keep an eye on your employees around the clock. But employee discount abuse can be also easily prevented if you work with the modern cloud based point of sale system (ePOS). This feature allows your sales representative to accurately and quickly apply discounts within its competence without having the possibility of getting out of it.

POS software now makes it easy for you to create a clear and enforceable discount policy that won’t let your employees to perform a single discount that doesn’t meet with your criteria.

How does it work? All you have to do is decide what competencies you are willing to give to each of your employees. Based on this you create specific roles or profiles that your employees need to use when they log into the POS system. You can preset the system to restrict certain employees completely from performing various sensitive actions. Or you can allow employees to be able to perform these actions for as long as they are under strict circumstances. With the POS you are monitoring individually all discount policy.

In the terms of discount management, this means that:

  • Your employee might be able to give a discount only up to a certain limit, in absolute numbers or percentage;
  • You can decide whether you will allow him to override the preset price of an item and secure he won’t sell anything under the preset price;
  • Some of your salespeople might be competent to give a discount on the total amount, while others can operate only with the individual items.

All these options can be preset once for every role but you can also modify them with ease later on. These features make the POS very flexible and able to adapt your needs individually.

Discount management at this level will help you fight against the employee discount abuse without having to lesson and monitor your staff constantly. It can also come in handy to your employees. For instance, in the situation when customer puts them under pressure in order to get the discount he is not eligible to. Cloud based point of sale with Posterita software will set clear boundaries and relieve the employee from the unpleasant decision making.

If you still have some doubts about the discount policy effectiveness in your store, you can keep a detailed track of all discount operations. Posterita POS offers the “Discount given by” reports. This is a great tool to help you inspect the way your employees are handling discount operations. You can analyse the performance of your employees based on that, and have a crystal clear data to support it. With Discount management you can keep an eye of the discount sales and prevent employee discount abuse in an easy and effective way.