Key POS Interface Features that Help Reduce User Error

POS technology has improved greatly in the last two years. Many retailers are considering switching to a cloud-based system. Many times, retailers get very involved in overall feature set of the POS. Although it is very important to have the functionality you need, something that is often overlooked is the user friendliness of the system. Some POS systems have very robust features sets but are so complicated to use, employees get frustrated or make more mistakes.
It is important to not only consider if the system functionality meets the needs of your retail business but also to consider the user friendliness of the interface. User friendly POS systems reduce checkout times and waits for your customers, make it much easier to train new employees, make your employee’s job easier, and make it easier for you to retrieve data.

Here is a list of features that can make your POS software more user-friendly and reduce error:

  • Context sensitive layout-Screens are formatted to make common retail tasks easy and fast.
  • Easy to read screens-The screen should be formatted so that it is easy to read. This means that employees no longer have to try to scan heavily pixelated, black and white readouts that can be very difficult to read, particularly in certain lighting conditions.
  • Time stamps on receipts and logical grouping of information– Today, it’s possible to have a POS screen that is capable of delivering information instantly. Time stamps and the logical grouping of information make it easy for employees to see the information that they need at a glance, speeding customer service.
  • Color-coded receipts– Color-coding schemes can make order information more obvious. For instance, a simple receipt is white. An item that has been returned or exchanged, however, will generate a red receipt. An employee looking up the status of the order knows the status of that order instantly.
  • Touch Screen capability-A touchscreen POS system with large, easy to read buttons also increase the user friendly factor. With a touch screen you eliminate the need for a mouse, which increases check out speed.

Easy Interface

Posterita’s system layout provides all of these user friendly components. The interface makes it easy for employees to get to the next step in handling any POS operations. Action buttons are always down the right-hand side of the screen and, for most common functions, the same screen can be used. Pop-up screens are also used to make it easier for people to manipulate the POS without having to go through several screens to perform a simple task.