How to adjust the inventories in bulk?

Published on March 15, 2016 by @posterita


This tutorial explains the steps to adjust inventories in bulk in any of your stores.

Login to your Posterita account and select your required store and terminal.

1. Access the ‘Home’ page from the options listed in the left-hand side menu as shown:

adjust inventories step 1

2. Access the ‘Inventories’ tab :

adjust inventories step 2

3. From the options available from the Inventories tab, select ‘Adjust Inventory’. The following page will be displayed:

adjust inventories step 3

4. Prepare your .csv file using columns for the ‘Name’ and ‘Qty Count’ of the items :

adjust inventories step 4

5. Click on ‘Import CSV’ option to import the .csv file of the items and their respective quantity count.

adjust inventories step 5


adjust inventories step 6

7.  ‘Order Line Importer’ page is displayed as follows:
Click on ‘Choose File’ button to browse through your files and select the respective .csv file.
Click ‘Load’ button to import your .csv file

adjust inventories step 7

8. The information from your .csv file is displayed under headers. Choose the respective headers from ‘Name’, ‘Quantity’, ‘Barcode’ headers.

adjust inventories step 8

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the check-box ‘Import file includes column headers’.

adjust inventories step 9

10. A message is displayed indicating that the information has been successfully recorded.
All the imported items are automatically added to the cart with the correct Qty Count as recorded in the .csv file.
The ‘Difference Qty’ shows 0.00 which implies that the Qty Book and the Qty Count are similar and hence the inventory count is balanced.
Click on ‘Complete Inventory Count’ button to complete this action.

adjust inventories step 10

11. The status of the Inventory receipt is marked as ‘Completed’, the details of the items count are displayed under Headers : ‘Name’, ‘Description’, ‘Qty Book’, ‘Qty Count’ and ‘Difference’.

adjust inventories step 11

12. In order to review any Inventory Adjustment previously made, simple steps have to be followed.
Go to your Home Page and select Inventories from the left hand side menu as shown:
Select ‘View Inventory Adjustments’ option.

adjust inventories step 12

13. Select the specific dates and enter the required information in the filters.. click on ‘Update’ to load all the Inventory Adjustment receipt corresponding to the entered filters.
Click on the ‘Inventory Adjustment’ number highlighted in blue to view the respective receipt.

adjust inventories step 13

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