How to change the details of an existing customer?

Published on March 15, 2016 by @posterita


This tutorial guides you step by step on how to edit your customer’s personal information from your database.

1. Go to Home page. Select ‘Customers‘ from the left-hand side menu as shown:

modify existing customer step 1

2. From the Customers page, select option ‘Search Customers’ to view a list of all your customers information.

modify existing customer step 2

3. ‘Manage Customers‘ page is displayed providing you with all the required information about your customer such as Name, Email, Phone, Address, City and whether this customer is active or has been deactivated.

modify existing customer step 3

4. Click on a customer’s name highlight in blue to view his/her details as shown:
Additional information about your customer can be found here, such as Loyalty Points acquired, Credit transactions and ‘Customer Notes’ which are personal notes made about the customer.

modify existing customer step 4

5. Click on the green button ‘Edit Customer‘ located on the right-most top corner of your screen.

modify existing customer step 5

6. All the information can be edited by swapping through the tabs on the left: Details, Address, Loyalty / Price, Credit Management. Click on the green button ‘Save’ to record your changes.

modify existing customer step 6

7. You can also add an image of the customer by clicking on ‘Image‘ button found on the top of the page among other available options such as View Statement, Cancel, Deactivate, Delete.

modify existing customer step 7

8. Back to the ‘View Customer‘ page, the ‘More Actions’ button allows you to perform additional tasks easily such as Add a new customer, Delete or Deactivate the customer being viewed.

modify existing customer step 8

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