How to create a purchase order

Published on April 13, 2017 by @posterita


  1. After login to Posterita, navigate to Home / Purchases / Make a Purchase Order
create purchase order step 1
  1. Before adding your items you need to select a supplier, type the supplier name in the supplier box and select the correct supplier from the list.
create purchase order step 2
  1. If you don’t have a supplier at this point, you need to create one. Click on the Create Supplier button next to the search supplier box and a popup will be loaded. Enter the supplier details and click on Save.
create purchase order step 3
  1. After saving the supplier will be added automatically in the supplier box. You can now add your items to be purchased on the cart. You can either enter the item name and click on it or scan the item barcode or search from the list of items by clicking on the search button.
create purchase order step 4
  1. If you need to purchase in bulk you can also import a list of items from a csv file, by clicking on the import csv button (Note: button available when cart is empty).
create purchase order step 5
  1. The Order line importer page will be loaded, click on the Choose File button and select your csv file. Note that the file should have the column Name or Barcode and Quantity. After selecting the file click on Load to load the list.
create purchase order step 6
  1. After loading the list, you need to select the column headers and select if the file include a column header or not (if the first row of your file is the header then you need to select this option). Click on Import to import the list of items to the purchase order cart.
create purchase order step 7
  1. After clicking on import all the items will be loaded on the cart and if there is any item that was not recognized the system will display an error message. Click on Purchases to proceed with the purchase.
create purchase order step 8
  1. Choose the payment type of the purchase, if it is cash or check or on credit. Here I will choose check.
create purchase order step 9
  1. Enter the check number and click on Ok to complete the purchase.
create purchase order step 10
  1. After clicking on Ok, the view purchase order screen will appear and you can review the items purchased.
    After completing the purchase order, the items quantity will be automatically added to the stock of the current store.
create purchase order step 11
  1. If you are not receiving the items at the time of creating the purchase order, you can process the purchase order on Mix or On Credit payment and select the option to Deliver Later.
create purchase order step 12
  1. After choosing Later, the system will ask for a schedule date of the delivery. Enter a date and click on OK.
create purchase order step 13
  1. The purchase order will still be on outstanding payment, click on Pay and select a payment option. Here Cash, enter the payment amount and click on OK.
create purchase order step 14
  1. Once the payment completed the purchase order will be marked as Paid.
create purchase order step 15
  1. To receive the items click on the Receive button and choose of you are receiving the items now.
create purchase order step 16
  1. After clicking on Yes, Now the purchase order will be marked as Received and the items quantity will be added to the stock of the store. Please note that when receiving the items, the system will receive all the items you cannot do a partial shipment.
create purchase order step 17

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