How to manage preferences on Posterita?

Published on March 16, 2016 by @posterita


The Preferences option in Posterita allows you to choose what features you want to be displayed or hide from your employees or clients, depending on your requirements.
These will be discussed in further details in this tutorial.

1. Firstly, start by accessing the Set-ups page by selecting Set-ups from the left-hand side menu on your Home page.

manage preferences step 1

2. Set-ups page displays multiple options, among which ‘Preferences’ option is present. Click on ‘Preferences’ to view the ‘Set Preferences’ page.

manage preferences step 2

3. The ‘Set Preferences’ page displays three tabs located on the left-hand side, namely : Point of Sale, Tender Types, Age Verification.

manage preferences step 3

4. Point of Sale preferences allows you to choose what you wish to be displayed to your employees while they process a sale in the cart. You can choose to display all your items or hide certain details in case it appears to be too cumbersome.
You can also choose whether or not to allow your employees to offer discounts or gift cards.

manage preferences step 4

5. The ‘Tender Types’ tab displays the different payment methods accepted in your stores and for each payment method, you can choose whether to:
1. accept the specific payment method,
2. print the receipt, print a receipt copy,
3. ask for the customer’s signature before completing the sales,
4 and open cash drawer

manage preferences step 5
manage preferences step 6
manage preferences step 7
manage preferences step 8

6. Lastly, the third tab is the ‘Age Verification’ preferences. This allows you to better manage items being sold to underage clients.

manage preferences step 9

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