How to manage taxes?

Published on March 15, 2016 by @posterita


1. Access the Set-ups page by selecting Set-ups from the left-hand side menu on your Home page.

manage tax step 1

2. Set-ups page displays multiple options, among which ‘Taxes’ option is present. Click on ‘Taxes’ to view the ‘Manage Taxes’ page.

manage tax step 2

3. This page provides a list of all the taxes created in your stores.
Upon clicking on any of the TAX category names, the ‘Manage Taxes’ page will be displayed with the Tax Category information entered in the fields.

4. You can add a new tax by clicking on the green button ‘Add a new tax’ on the rightmost corner of your screen as shown:
The sub-page ‘Create Tax‘ will be displayed as shown below:
You are required to fill in the tax details, namely : Details, Tax Assignment and Sub Taxes.

manage tax step 3

5. In Tax Assignment, Posterita allows you to assign different Tax rates to each of your stores, as required.

manage tax step 4

6. You can choose whether your store uses a single tax rate or multiple tax rates. Upon selection of single tax rate option, you are thus required to select the default Sales Tax and the default Purchase Tax which will be applicable to all of your stores.

manage tax step 5
manage tax step 6
manage tax step 7

7.The Sub Taxes page allows you to add new sub taxes under each specific Tax rate:

manage tax step 8

8. You can also export the list of all taxes present in a .csv format by clicking on the Export button located next to the ‘Add a new tax’ button:

9. Lastly, Posterita allows you to easily search for any specific Tax Category of your choice by using the Search bar as shown below: In this example, ‘VAT1’ Tax Category is being looked up in the search bar.

manage tax step 9

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