How to manage your employees?

Published on March 15, 2016 by @posterita


1. From the Employees tab, select “Recruit Employee” to add a new employee’s details to your database:

manage employees step 1

2. Fill in the details of the user including the “Details”, “Address” and “Target”.

manage employees step 2

3. From the Details tab, mandatory fields have to be filled such as Username, Role and Password.

manage employees step 3

4. A target for the amount of sales can be set for each employee using the Target option as follows:
The average target can be set per day, per week and per month.

manage employees step 4

5. In order to view a list of all the employees working in your stores, follow these simple steps explained below:
Go back to you Employees Page and Click on ‘Search Employee’ option.

manage employees step 5

6. From the ‘Manage Users’ page , the list of users is displayed , each row displays a user’s details namely Name, Email, Role and Is Active, which indicates if the user is active or has been deactivated.
You can also export a list of all the employees by clicking on the ‘Export’ button found on the right-most corner next to the ‘Add User’ option.

manage employees step 6

7. To now view your employees Attendance sheet, go back to the Employees page as shown and click on ‘View Employees Attendance’ option.
This allows you to keep track of the clock-in and clock-out times of your employees, their respective hours worked as well as the Store and Terminal where each employee has been operating.

manage employees step 7

8. The Employee Attendance report is displayed as shown below:

manage employees step 8

9. Fill in the Date details and select the button ‘More Filters’ to view more specific results, in terms of ‘Store’, ‘Terminal’ and ‘Sales Rep’:

manage employees step 9

10. Next, click on ‘Update’ button to populate a list of the required employee records.

manage employees step 10

11. Posterita also offers you the option to view your employees sales of the employee currently logged in and hence monitor any activity deemed necessary.
To view details about Employee Sales, Click on ‘View Employee Sales’ option as shown below:

manage employees step 11

‘View Current Sales by Employees’ page is displayed as shown:
A ‘Print’ button option is also available.

manage employees step 12

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