How to print barcode?

Published on April 13, 2017 by @posterita


  1. In order to print barcode from Posterita, you need to setup your printer as a generic text only on Windows.
    Follow the documentation on how to set up your printer:

  1. Once you have setup your printer on Windows and configured the printer on hardware setting. Note that for barcode printing you need to set the printer on the Barcode section as shown below and Save the setting.
print barcode step 1

– Posterita support only the following printer types, Zebra, Argox, Godex & Ring(Autonics), the printers Zebra GK420t and Godex EZPi-1200 have been fully tested.

  1. After setting up the printer navigate to Inventories / Print Label
print barcode step 2
  1. Add the items for which you want to print the barcodes to the cart. You can either search for the items or import a csv file with all the items. Once the items have been added to the cart, click on Print Barcode to print the barcode.
print barcode step 3

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