How to create an item category ?

Published on December 22, 2015 by @posterita


Posterita allows you to create a specific category and sub-category for an item or several items.

Follow the steps below to add a category to an existing item:

Go to your ‘Home’ page and select option ‘Items’ from the side menu provided on the left as shown below:

From the three options provided namely: ‘Add Item’, ‘Search Items’ and ‘Import Items’

Select ‘Search Items’ to view the list of items stored in your database :

Select a desired item from the list.
Click on the ‘Action’ button found at the rightmost top corner of the page.
From the drop-down list displayed, select ‘Edit Item’ button as demonstrated below:

From the tabs available on the left, select ‘Classification and Management’ tab :

Check the box ”Do you want to manage and classify this item into different department and categories?” to edit the Primary Group and sub-groupings fields:

Edit the ‘Primary Group’ field by providing a Primary Group name , e.g : Pure Water
Add a name to the sub-grouping ‘Group 1′ as shown below:

Click on ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

Select ‘Point of Sale’ from your Home menu and click on ‘Make a Sale’ button :

Click on the Search button- All Items and Categories(on Left Hand side) are loaded and displayed :

Search for the item to which the category ‘Pure Water’ was added.
The item will be displayed under primary group ‘Pure Water’ and sub-group ‘Vital':

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