How to setup Posterita POS offline

Published on December 4, 2015 by @posterita


To setup Posterita Offline App, follow the steps below:

1. Prerequisite

Java Runtime Version 8 Update 40 or greater need to be installed on the machine you want to use Posterita Offline. You can download Java from

2. Download and Extract the zip file

Download and extract the zip file, after extracting the file open the posterita.exe application.

3. Running Posterita Offline for the first time

When opening the Posterita Offline App for the first time you are required to set the Url, Merchant Key and Terminal Key, this will identity your account and the right terminal that you will use.

setup posterita offline step 1

4. Saving the configurations

Click on Save to save the configurations and each time you open the application Posterita will use the same configurations.

setup posterita offline step 2

5. Starting Posterita Offline App

When starting Posterita Offline app for the first time an internet connection is required so that the application can connect online and download all the required information about the account, for example the items list, prices, customers, etc.

setup posterita offline step 3

6. Login to Posterita Offline App

Enter your username and password and click on Login.

setup posterita offline step 4

7. Setup your receipt printer

If you already have a receipt printer installed on the machine, choose the printer name and click on Enable printing. You can test the printer and save the setting.

setup posterita offline step 5

Your customers are now ready to start using Posterita Offline. Please refer to the tutorial :
How to use Posterita POS offline

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