How to use Posterita POS offline

Published on November 13, 2015 by @posterita


Logging In Posterita Offline

1) In order to access the Posterita Offline application, double click on the Posterita Offline icon found on your desktop, as shown below:

2) When the application is launched, it will take some time while it synchronizes the database, updates orders and closes tills.

3) After the synchronization is completed, the Posterita Log In page is displayed, which requires the user to enter a Username and a Password.

By default, the Store and Terminal configured upon installation are set and cannot be altered, unless the application is re-installed.

4) Enter the appropriate Username and Password for the current Store and Terminal displayed.

Click on ‘Login’.

5) After Logging In, the user is directed to the Hardware Settings page as indicated below:

Tick ‘Enable Printing’ check box to allow the printing of receipts and select a Printing Implementation from the drop-down list.

6) After selecting the desired printing implementation and clicking ‘Save’, the Open Till page is then displayed.

The user is required to enter a Float Amount as the Opening Amount and click ‘Continue’ to save the changes.

7) After the initial settings have been configured, the user is now directed to POS/Make a Sale page.
The features available on the ‘Make a Sale’ page are similar to the Posterita Online version.

Loading an item to cart and checking out using any of the payment methods provided is performed in a similar fashion as on the Posterita Online version.

8) A sale effectuated by payment type Cash is demonstrated below:

9) The Menu tab in the header of the Make a Sale page displays the following:

As compared to the Menu options available on the Posterita Online version, ‘View Purchase Order History’, ‘Request Items from Other Stores’, ‘Send Items to Other Stores’ are not available on Posterita Offline.

10) Forced Synchronization

The ‘Synchronize’ option, under the Menu tab is available only on the Posterita Offline version.
All changes made on the Posterita online version are updated to the offline application, and vice-versa.

What changes take place during synchronization from the online version to the offline version?
• Changes in Quantity in Stock of Items
• Additional new products available
• Existing products removed
• Price modification of items
• Modification in the Role access , for example: Allow Upsell

What changes take place during synchronization from the offline version to the online version?
• Add Sales orders records in the Sales History Report
• Adds Close till record in the Terminal Closure report
• Updates Document No
• Updates Inventories available
• Updates Clock in/out Report
• Updates Terminal Closure Report

Clicking on the Synchronize button launches a pop-up to confirm the synchronization process. Click ‘Synchronize’.

The system takes a while to synchronize all orders.

After synchronization, the sales order performed on Posterita Offline application is marked as “Queued” in the Sales History report.

When the synchronization is completed, after a while, the sales order is marked as ‘Synchronized’.

11) Run End of Day
From the Menu Tab, Run End Of Day/ Close Till can be accessed as shown below:

The user is required to enter the corresponding closing amount and click on ‘Continue’ to save the changes.
The users clocked in are hence automatically clocked out after the till has been closed.

12) Automatic Synchronization
When closing the application, all orders and updates synchronizes automatically to the Posterita online version.
Click the close icon on the rightmost top corner and confirm the Exit pop-up.

The application synchronizes Database, pushes Orders , pushes Clock In Clock Out and pushes Close Till automatically.

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