Create, Issue and Redeem Coupons

Published on November 15, 2016 by @posterita


1. In order to create and issue coupon from your POS you need to enable the functionality from Preferences and have access to the Coupon menu.

– Login to your POS and navigate to Home / Set-ups / Preferences. Check the box Enable Posterita Coupon to be able to redeem coupon from the POS.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 1

– To get the access to the menu, navigate to Set-ups / Roles. Select the role for which you want to give the access and click on Edit Role. Go to the tab Menu Access and scroll to the main category Customers. Check the box for Coupon and under Point of Sale (POS) Report, check the box for the report Issued Redeemed Coupon Report.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 2

2. After giving access to the menu Coupon, you need to logout and login back to the POS for the changes to take place. Go to Home / Customers and click on the menu Coupon. Click on Add coupon to create a new Coupon. Enter the coupon code, the coupon amount and its expiry date.

You can choose if this coupon is a gift or compensation. If it a gift you can enter the issuer name, it can be your company name itself or if the coupon will be issued by another company. If the coupon is for compensation, you can enter the defective item name (if any) and/or a reason for issuing the coupon. Note that setting the coupon as a gift or compensation is for reporting and auditing purpose only and is not mandatory.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 3

– After entering all the details, click on Save & Issue to issue the coupon. Note that you can only Save the coupon for future editing as well.

3. You can also import a list of coupons from a csv file. Go to the menu Coupon and click on Import on the top right side. Your csv file need to have the following colums:

– Coupon Code (mandatory)

– Coupon Amount (mandatory)

– Expiry Date (Not mandatory and if there is no expiry date, it will take 1 year by default)

– Coupon Type: Gift or Compensation (Not mandatory)

– Issuer Name: (Not mandatory and if it is a gift)

– Item Name: (Not mandatory and if it is a compensation)

create, issue, redeem coupons step 4

– Select the option Import file includes column header if your csv has a header and click on Import to import your Coupons.

4. To redeem a Coupon go to your POS and add the items to be sold and click on Redeem Coupon. Enter the Coupon Code and the coupon will automatically be added to cart as a discount.

Note that if the coupon amount is greater than the total amount of items being sold, the system will show only the same amount as negative on the coupon line as one cannot have a negative total when redeeming coupon thus he cannot retrieve money from the coupon. Any outstanding amount left on the coupon will be lost, a coupon can be used only once.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 5

5. After completing the sale, the receipt will show the coupon redeemed as a discount as well.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 6

6. The report Issued Redeemed Coupon gives all details on Issued and Redeemed Coupons. Go to Home / Reports / Point of Sale (POS) report / Issued Redeemed Coupon report. Enter the date from and date to and click on Update to view the report.

create, issue, redeem coupons step 7

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