How to make a partial payment on a customer?

Published on January 12, 2016 by @posterita


1. Access your ‘Make a Sale’ page and add selected items to the cart:

2. Click on ‘Sales’ button to check-out.
To make a partial payment, you will need to select ‘Mix’ payment type as shown below:

3. Choose your payment term from the drop-down list provided in the ‘Payment Mix’ pop-up as displayed below.
Also, choose whether your wish to deliver the products immediately or on a selected date.

4. Choose the payment type (Cash / Credit Card / Check / Ext. Card / Gift Card / Voucher) according to your customer’s means of payment.

5. Enter the partial amount paid by the customer in ‘Amount Tendered: * ‘ field as shown below:
The Total amount to be paid is $ 7.30. In this example, the customer pays only $3.00 out of the $ 7.30 amount due.
Click on ‘Ok’ to process the sales receipt:

6. The Sales Receipt is marked as ‘Outstanding Delivered’. This implies that the payment has not been completed but the products have been delivered to the customer.
Two information are displayed on the right hand side ; the ‘Amt Due’ and ‘Cash’ .
‘Amt Due’ implies the remaining amount of money the customer needs to pay.
‘Cash’ implies that the customer has already paid $3.00 by Cash.

7. Access the ‘Menu’ tab at the header and select ‘View Sales History’ to view the recent Sales Receipt.

8. All the information about the Sales Receipt is displayed row-wise.
Total($) shows the total amount to be paid (i.e $7.00).
Paid($) shows the amount already settled by the customer ( e.g $3.00).

9. When the customer wants to make another partial payment :
Click on the Sales Receipt number to view the receipt. Follow by clicking on ‘Pay’ and follow the same procedure as explained above.

When the customer wants to complete the payment.
– Select the respective sales receipt
– Click on ‘Pay’
– Select the payment method and enter the amount required in ‘Amount Tendered : *’ field
– Click ‘Ok’.

10. The Sales Receipt is now marked as ‘Paid Delivered’ . This implies that the customer has completed the payment and the products are delivered.
The ‘Amt Due’ is now set to 0.00. The customer has paid the total amount ($7.30) by Cash.

11. Access ‘View Sales History’ page from the ‘Menu’ header as shown below:

12. In the ‘View Sales History’ page, the receipt’s details are displayed.
The Total($) amount is $7.30.
The Paid($) amount is $7.30.

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