How to make a Sales Return?

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When a customer returns a product to your store, some simple transactions have to be performed by your sales rep. On returning the product, options are offered such refunding the customer or offering a voucher. This tutorial will give you instructions to effectively process a return made by a customer from your store.

Two simple procedures are available to perform a Sales Return. These two procedures will be explained below:

The first procedure is chosen when the customer has few items or only selected items to be returned. You are required to manually search and add the selected items to the cart to process the Sales Return.

1. Go to Home page and from the left hand side menu, click on ‘Point of Sale’. Proceed by selecting
‘Make a Return’ from the options provided.

sales return step 1

2. The following page will be displayed:

sales return step 2

3. Click on the search icon next to the search bar to populate and display the list of all items present in your database. Then select from the list, the products to be returned. They will be added to the cart. Proceed by clicking on the ‘Return’ button as shown below:

sales return step 3

4. A pop up will be displayed providing all the payment methods available to this action. Select any payment method of your choice and check-out.

sales return step 4

In this example, ‘Cash’ payment method has been selected.
The Sales Return receipt will be displayed as shown below:

sales return step 5

The Sales Receipt’s Status will then be marked as ‘Completed’ and Order Type ‘Customer Returned Order’.
‘Cash’ will be displayed as Payment Type.

You can immediately perform another Sales Return by clicking on the green button ‘New Sales Return’ on the right.

The second procedure to perform a Sales Return is by accessing the Sales Receipt of the customer directly from the ‘View Sales History’. All the items from the Sales Receipt will then be directly added to cart.

1. Go to your Home page and select ‘View Sales History’ from the options provided:

sales return step 6

2. From the ‘View Sales History’ page, a list of all the Sales Receipts is provided.

sales return step 7

Use the filters to search for a particular sales receipt and click on the blue button ‘Update’ to search :

sales return step 8

3. Click on the Sales Receipt number to view the sales receipt as shown:

sales return step 9

4. Click on ‘Refund’ button.
A pop-up will be displayed for confirmation:
Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.

sales return step 10

5. All the items listed on the selected sales receipt have been added to the cart as shown below:

sales return step 11

6. Click on ‘Return’ button to process the return transaction. Select your payment method from the pop-up shown:

sales return step 12

In this example, instead of refunding the customer, we have chosen to offer the customer a voucher which he can use in his next purchase from the store.

7. The Sales Return receipt is displayed as shown:

sales return step 13

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