Looking Up Products May Be Impacting Your Customer Service

It’s almost impossible to know what’s going on with a business if you can’t bring all of the relevant information together. It’s harder still to make well-informed decisions when you don’t have everything you need at your fingertips in terms of the information that’s relevant to those decisions. Today’s POS systems can make those pitfalls things of the past.

A Dashboard

You’ve probably heard the term “dashboard’ used in reference to software products. The use of this name is appropriate. The dashboard on these products allows you to get an overview of everything about your operations, just like the dashboard in your car. Posterita uses a dashboard system to give you meaningful access to all of its different capabilities.

Centralization Provides a Solution

Posterita is set up in a way that centralizes control of information. This means that you can access any information that you need, manipulate and understand it using reports. Also, you can take action based on that information, all from the same interface. This solves the problem of information consolidation and it goes further than most people would likely expect by giving you the power to act.

Leveraging Real Time Data for Intelligence

If you’re looking at a report that reveals that one of your products is selling very well on a particular day, Posterita gives you access to more information regarding that product. You can see how many units are on the shelves or in the warehouse. You can see if there is available stock that you should transfer from another location to accommodate demand. You can even see minute-by-minute data that lets you know why the product is selling. For instance, imagine there’s a water outage in your city. If you have plenty of bottled water in another location but are running out fast at the location where the outage is going on, you can easily see where stock is located and start transferring it immediately.

Having all of your information in one place makes taking action much easier than if you were dealing with several different systems. No more having to call each and every store to get progress reports. With Posterita, you can take a look at your dashboard, get reports and take action using one interface.