Manage different prices across multiple stores

As a retailer you might have multiple stores spread out on various locations. All these different locations have the need for price adjustments. But locations can vary between prices and you as a retailer need to take into account where your store is located. An example, your store in Alabama might have a different pricing level than your stores in New York City. Similarly, prices at your stores in the shopping centers may have different prices than those that are located in downtown. Going to every store one by one to adjust or enter new prices can be a time consuming task to perform. Optimally, if you’re running multiple stores and you want to change price lists in all these stores at once you want to do this from a single point of access.

With Posterita’s POS you can get the flexibility to create and assign different prices to each store or a group of your stores. No matter if you want to have the same price in several stores or if you want to keep different prices throughout assigned locations, the multiple price list function of Posterita offers you the solution. All you need to do is create price lists, import your items with their respective prices and assign the price list to the stores you want. You can create and save several different price lists to be used for different locations or different needs. This gives you the ability to quickly maintain prices in your store simply by loading a price list configuration into your store of choice. At the point of sale when an item is selected, the system will check the price list for the preset price for this store and charge the customer with the price you have chosen.

As retailers often have different prices for the different locations they maintain, they have the need to maintain these prices from a single point. Price lists make it easy to maintain several different prices over different stores. This is the easiest way to create different prices in a multi store chain or preset a group of stores to a particular price list. You eliminate the need for an employee to manually change your prices and saves your retail from excessive work.