Manage your Payroll through Your POS System

Payroll is one of the most involved endeavors for any large operation. Even for small businesses, it can be complex, difficult, and expensive to manage. Posterita offers a great solution to the problems that go along with payroll and it’s very simple to understand.

Integration is Step One

Posterita takes care of tracking your employee’s hours. In fact, it goes much further than this. The POS software can track hours and, because it matches sales with the person who made them, it can identify when employees are performing very well or very poorly and give you empirical data to back up both assessments. This, however, isn’t where calculating payroll is simplified.

Posterita allows you to set up all the information relevant to your employees within the system, including their pay rates. If you want to do payroll, the system makes it essentially an automated affair. It can calculate how many hours they worked, their rate and their deductions, allowing you to print up pay slips very quickly. There’s more to this, however.

More Complex Variables

Commissions are oftentimes significant parts of how retail employees earn their pay. This performance-based pay system, however, is very complex. It requires that you structure your commissions differently for each employee, in some cases, and sometimes even requires that you take refunds and exchanges into account when a commission has been paid but should not have been. Posterita can handle all of this, as well.

This comprehensive system ensures that you always know what’s going on with your business in terms of paying employees and making sure they get their commissions. It makes running a retail establishment much simpler than it used to be. No more paying expensive contractors to do payroll and no more having to spend hours figuring out the payroll yourself.

The Human Element

Your employees are working for paychecks. When you have a payroll system that is designed to make sure they’re compensated appropriately, you have a real advantage in terms of human resources. Your employees will know that their contributions are appreciated and won’t get frustrated by paychecks that don’t include their commissions and other bonuses.
When you have a POS that allows you to provide professional service to your employees, it’s easier for them to take their jobs seriously. Posterita ensures that your employees are paid correctly and that you have an easy trail to follow to investigate any errors.