Multi-Store Retailers can Consolidate their POS Systems in the Cloud

When you offer discounts on products, it’s vital to know that the discount is right and within the authority of the sales rep. Posterita allows you to do this. Most importantly, it allows you to do it in a way that is accessible to any of your salespeople.

Different Discounts

Posterita allows you to calculate a discount by percentage or by value. It also allows you to apply the discount to any given item.Some customers will have particular discounts for which they are eligible for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may give a 10 percent discount to a customer because they are a member of a local fire department; they belong to a savings club, or for some other reason. These percentage discounts are given against the total price, not against one particular item, and it’s important that this information is recorded correctly.

Posterita can also make sure that discounts cannot be given below the cost of the original item. The manager has the power to override a discount to prevent this from happening. This makes it possible to ensure that discounts are always accurate and that you’re not giving out discounts so steep that they end up eliminating all profit you’d make off of the item. You can even choose to give a discount on the total sales value or any “order of the line sales receipt”. This flexibility makes it easier to handle complex discount policies.

Making Financial Intelligence Easier

If you have a busy retail establishment, you probably have a huge number of transactions every single day. Ensuring consistency in how discounts are applied to any one of these purchases is vital to make certain that you have accurate financial data.

Giving discounts in a retail store is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and retain their loyalty. However, it can also get very complex. When discounts are stacked or when some customers may have additional discounts for which they’re eligible, the price at which the item is ultimately sold may end up being far too low to make it profitable, or even get above cost. Posterita has intelligent features built into it that allow managers to make overrides where necessary and that ensure that cashiers don’t inadvertently let a product go for less than it’s worth.