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Unnecessary options, fields and boxes are absent from Posterita’s interface. The purpose behind everything we do is to reduce input time. So it’s quick to navigate from anywhere to anywhere else. It’s fast to checkout. It’s fast to check data. In fact, with Posterita, it’s fast and accurate to do anything. Best of all, you’ll find that your staff has more time to focus on your customer experience rather than battling with the POS.

How our Apparel POS System will help your success

Inventory tracking

Posterita can track and organize up to 9 different user-definable fields. Like department, brand, fabric color, size and more. With Posterita, you‘ll have all the information you need to:

  • make better purchasing decisions,
  • have more certainly in forecasting trends
  • plan your purchasing better

You’ll also get the agility and the confidence in your POS that the information is up-to-date and accurate so you can achieve better inventory turnover. For example, you can easily identify candidates for buy-in and/or markdown, promotional pricing or bulk discounting. Posterita also allows you to optimize each store inventory, distribution and stock balancing.

Apparel pos - Employee management screen

Employee Store Management

It’s easy to monitor staff attendance and performance. You can calculate payroll and wages and encourage accountability. Also you can set roles and privileges for each member of your team so they only have access to information and features they need.

Accurate and Action-Oriented Reports

Posterita business intelligence tools makes it possible to quickly analyze and identity customer buying patterns and new opportunities. There is also a wide selection of context sensitive reports to help you identify trends and vital information on the performance of your apparel by any level of detail– like class, subclass, color, brand, style and sku level. You can also monitor performance of your staff, store and more. Configure our event notifier and you’ll receive instant retail updates in your mailbox.

A POS designed for multi-store management

Posterita is ideal for a multi-store fashion retail operation –from one terminal to many terminals, in one state or many states, with single or multiple tax rules, with different pricing policies. This is possible because your stores share a common data set that can be centrally modified and accessed, while keeping each store’s data private.
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Central Management of all your Stores

Since Posterita is a web based POS, you can make changes centrally for any of your stores. So you can make adjustments with ease, avoiding double entries and work duplication. With Posterita, you can view all your stores in the software.

Built-in customer management

Posterita has customer management features that allow you to:

  • Assign sales to a customer to analyze his or her shopping habits.
  • Capture the unique details of your customer.
  • Assign different customers to different price lists
Posterita pos customer management

Posterita features ideal for fashion, clothing and accessory store management

Assign sales to customer
Assign sales to staff
Product images
Issue and redeem customer credit
Simple return, void and exchange
Give accurate discounts
Fashion/clothing Matrix (up to 9 user defined)
Kit or bundle selling
Markdown management
Sales commission
Single screen input
Multiple and integrated payment
Completely digitized receipts
On-screen and real-time item info sheet
coffee shop testimonial

What I really like about Posterita is how quick I can modify and process my orders. I can even open a second POS on my iPad to keep the line moving faster during rush hours.

San Sin | Owner of Star Cafe

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