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Posterita – Ideal for cafes and coffee shops

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Posterita Coffee Shop POS features

Ring sales accurately and quickly

Modify any orders to account for different sizes, toppings, fillings, sauces etc.. whether these options are paying or non paying
Individual staff login and role base access
Quick checkout and easy selection of menu items
Process transactions even when you’re offline (under development)
Add pictures to your items
Manage reward cards directly from the POS (under development)
Add another register like an iPad for line busting during the morning rush
Capture customer information at checkout point
Print customized notes on a secondary printer to the kitchen or barista
Sell whatever you want. Bottles of water, coffee, bread, food and more
Easily add an extra-shot of espresso or side choice to the order

Manage your coffee shop

Manage food inventories
Monitor your sales in real-time from any internet connected device (PC, laptop, iPad, iphone, Android)
Notifications of end of day (till close) report sent via email
Reports available on every menu item
Track quantities for items like drinking cups, bottles etc…
Track stock and ingredient control. Each time a sale is made we remove the ingredients and accessories like drinking cups from your tally.
Track time, attendance, and labor costs
Understand your profit margins and your cost drivers
View sales by the hour so you can adapt your staffing based on your sales
View your inventory levels remotely and order exactly what you need
coffee shop testimonial
What I really like about Posterita is how quick I can modify and process my orders. I can even open a second POS on my iPad to keep the line moving faster during rush hours.

San Sin | Owner of Star Cafe

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